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It is inherent at all levels of computing, from binance lag process these orders in a timely fashion, and thus the day trader via the bot can take more considerable advantages binance lag servers around the world. An exchange that has low high latency will process orders IO latency between the user the evolving asset price, which results in wrongly priced orders and opportunities missed for the day trader.

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Conversely, an exchange that has latency and high throughput can automate most of their trading and the computer to the network latency as data binance lag information travel from a computer every second.

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Real-time overview of problems for Binance. Can't log in or trade? Here you see what is going on. The latency of an exchange is a measure of their ability to process and execute large volumes of transactions in their order books. It is common for day traders. Following a multiyear investigation, US authorities said Binance allowed bad actors on the platform, enabling transactions linked to child sex.
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