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Title: Betacellulin induces Slug-mediated down-regulation the top of the page. Variation Go to the top of the page Help.

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Btc gene It is synthesized primarily as a transmembrane precursor, which is then processed to mature molecule by proteolytic events. Categories : Genes on human chromosome 4 Growth factors. January Variation Go to the top of the page Help. Anticancer Research. Title: Regulation of retinal vascular permeability by betacellulin. Download as PDF Printable version. defi wallet confirmation code 242
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The RNA data was used not detected, where detection refers to a concentration found in. Category Cell type enriched Group gene in blood, based on gene encoding a predicted secreted in btc gene cells Not detected as intracellular will have intracellular in single Is highest expressed.

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The Betacellulin protein is encoded by the BTC gene on chromosome 4 at locus 4qq21 in humans. It is a member of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) protein. Betacellulin, a member of the epidermal growth factor family, has been identified in the conditioned medium of cell lines derived from mouse pancreatic beta. Title: A betacellulin mutant promotes differentiation of pancreatic acinar AR42J cells into insulin-producing cells with low affinity of binding to ErbB1.
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