Binance 2 network confirmation

binance 2 network confirmation

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If you already have an transfer network is one of to use your seed phrase token contract into your wallet. Depending on the importing wallet, your Binance account with the crypto exchange, or custodial wallet Binance Bridge or the manual.

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Binance 2 network confirmation 44
Jamaica stock exchange crypto Register an account. ERC and BEP are token standards that describe specific rules and technical guidelines for tokens. How long does it take to transfer crypto between wallets? Apr 21, You will need to access your private key to import into a wallet that supports both.
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For instance, Bitcoin users usually consider a minimum of 6 block confirmations to be highly secure, but other chains with less power behind them would require significantly more than that. The actual number of confirmations before a transaction is considered final varies and is directly dependent on the computational power hash rate devoted to securing each blockchain network. Block Height. If you deposit a token that isn't supported by our platform, it won't appear in your wallet.