Metamask spinning on chrome

metamask spinning on chrome

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Same issue, working with MetaMask. PierreJeanjacquot commented Apr 26, DavidBelinchon first, it seems fine until 4byte registry fallback to getMethodData " Chornuy91 commented Apr 26, the pending transaction metaamsk gets stuck in the spinning state, and then I can't sign in for that network either as [undefined] which will be fixed in All reactions.

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How to Manually Update Metamask on Chrome Safely
Chrome version pops up the metamask box but always shows loading spinner. Same as before. Firefox version is not even pops up when you click. Here are some of our top fixes: Restart your browser, or force close the mobile app and reopen. Restart your computer or mobile device. Lock and. Today I tried to open MetaMask and all I see is the fox logo and a spinning wheel - forever. I left it running for over an hour - still never.
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